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I dropped out of Boston University to go to Bangladesh and play drums with my band, The Watson Brothers. I hosted a TV show that nobody watched, endorsed my favorite brand of ice cream, and ended up working as a copywriter at Bitopi Leo Burnett. (It's a common career path.)

I left Bitopi to join Radio Foorti, one of the first FM stations in Bangladesh that had just been formed . As one of two producers (and the first full-time employee!), I helped create the music database, wrote jingles, station IDs, etc. I still freelance with them every now and then.

But even though radio was fun, it ultimately couldn't compete with the thrill of advertising. So I returned to Bitopi Leo Burnett, to work again on brands such as Djuice, GrameenPhone, Sensation condoms, Kazi & Kazi tea, etc.

Unfortunately, I came down with typhoid and malaria, both at once. So I came back to Boston for treatment. I figured that since I was already here, I might as well finish college. So I did, and then I thought what the hell, might as well get a Master's in advertising too. So I did that, along with internships at Mullen and Crispin Porter Bogusky.

Now I'm overeducated and unemployed and (depending on when you're reading this) probably drunk. Give me a job!!!!!


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